Best Portable Massage Chair in India 2021 [Reviews]

If you are in India & planning to Buy the Best Portable Massage Chair then you must read the full article. As you get to know all about Message Chair & make easy decision to buy it.

Before Buying this Massage Chair, first of all, you have to think about it, You really need this because these massage chares are of High Price.

If you don’t know how to know this then simply watch your family members. Your father, Mother, Grandfather & Mother. Watch them carefully is there any problem in their knee or Joints or full-body pain. Why I am telling you to watch them because they don’t tell you directly. OK & there is 99% of a chance they were suffering from pain if they are then You need to Buy the best Massage Chair for Home Use.

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Maxima Luxury Massage Chair

Robotouch Maxima Luxury Ultimate Full Body Zero Gravity Massage Chair



Get Your Full Body Relief from Stress with Zero Gravity Massage Chair

The Robotouch Maxima Full Body Massage Chair relax your body & help to nurture your joints by using its different features & functionality.

This machine is best for the person who is suffering from Joint, Knee, Back or other body pains. This machine covers all your body from toes to head.

This Body Massage chair also works well for those who sit for a long time like if you are a Student & study regularly for 8-10 hours or You’re are in Office or Driver for more then 5 hours.

The Kneading Rollers, 28 airbags, 8 permanent magnets, and 1 air pump gives your body a thoroughly relaxing experience. Once you sit of this Zero Gravity Massage Chair your whole blood started to Circulate to each & every part of the body & this leads your body to the relaxing state.

Benefits of Maxima Luxury Zero Gravity Massage Chair


Although there are hundreds of benefits of using Massage Chair at Home in this I cover the 14 important benefits you need yo know before buying a full body massage chair.

  1. Enhances Post-Workout Muscle Recovery
  2. Helps in Inducing Better Sleep
  3. Reduces Anxiety and Stress
  4. Relieves the Pain From Sore Muscles
  5. Flushes the Lymphatic System
  6. Offers a Good Treatment for Lower Back Pain
  7. Decreases Stiff-Neck Problems
  8. Improves Blood Circulation
  9. Increases Oxygen Flow to the Extremities
  10. Boosts the Natural Immunity of the Body
  11. Helps Executives in Staying Mentally Fit
  12. Decreases the Frequency and Severity of Headaches
  13. Alleviates Stress-Related Health Problems
  14. Decreases Workplace Injuries

Maxima Massage Chair Product Features & specification

  • A Powerful vertically movable, four-wheel driven muted intelligent massage hands available
  • Preset auto 2D shoulder detection and location for precise therapy
  • Inbuilt memory levels M1, M2
  • Best for ache-relief, comfort, ease, upper body, lower body, etc
  • Air pressure massage delivered by 4 airbags to the upper arm, 8 airbags to full arm, 16 airbags to leg in three modes
  • Roller massage for two pairs of papillae on toe root and skin scraping massage for arch and heel mastoid
  • Rated voltage: 110-120V~ 60Hz
    220-240V~ 50Hz/60Hz
  • Rated power input:150W
    Rated time: 20Min
Read this Manual if You Buy this.

Technical Specifications

Full Back massagerAvailable
Automatic adjustment meantAvailable
Neck & Foot massageAvailable
Total Airbags26
Total Air pumps1
Total Valves8
Max User Weight (kg)120 kg
Timer15 minutes
Power220 – 230V

Conclusion for the Best Massage Chair

Having a Full Body massage chair at your home is the best decision you have ever taken regarding your health. As I already told you about the benefits.

These days, you will see the latest technology Massage chair in the market among them “Robotouch Maxima” is the best one as it has all modern & extra Functionality.

I hope you like this Review Article on the “Best Massage Chair for Home Use” if you have any Question or Suggestion regarding this article then feel free to drop a message below or Contact us.